Londonderry Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Londonderry Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is your local expert for orthopedic and sports physical therapy. We specialize in individualized physical therapy care with specialties in orthopedics, sports medicine, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

If you have an injury, are recovering from a joint replacement, or you are suffering from any type of pain, we can help! Our model of delivering physical therapy care is much different from what you may have experienced. We deliver the most clinically effective and evidence driven physical therapy, treating musculoskeletal injuries with a goal of getting you better in the quickest, and most cost effective manner. Our staff of therapists work with you one on one in order to fully understand your limitations, complaints, concerns, and fears. We take time to teach you about your injury and what you can do about it! Our therapists and patients have the opportunity to form partnerships on the road to recovery.

The clinical staff at Londonderry Physical Therapy have advanced post-graduate training in dry needling, soft tissue cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, spine and extremity joint mobilization techniques, and spinal manipulation techniques. We book your appointments with YOUR physical therapist and we do not use aids in the delivery of care.

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